Furrion Induction Cooktop - Dual Burner [FIH2ZEA-BG]

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Induction Cooktop - Dual Burner

A New Era in Onboard Galley Appliances

Furrion offers a premium line of galley appliances specifically designed and
tested to withstand the rigors of the marine environment. The Chef
Collection includes sleek, high-performance induction cooktops, microwaves
and low-water usage dishwashers. Let the Furrion Chef Collection inspire you
to create your own dream galley - a galley that makes cooking effortless, a
place where you and your family can enjoy living luxury onboard.


  • Timer: up to 180 minutes with hold touch settings
  • 11 temperature control settings
  • Temperature range: 150-450xF
  • LED temperature display
  • 13 Amp max draw power sharing
  • Auto-pan detection function
  • Automatic safety shutdown
  • Childproof lock
  • Complete control

Loadsmart Dual Burners
The intuitive power management system balances load between each zone.

Sensor Touch Control
Conductive controls makes operation quick and easy.

Auto-pan Detection Safety
Induction zones automatically switch off when no pan is detected.