Hawkeye DepthTrax 1H Handheld Depth Sounder [DT1H]

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DepthTrax 1H Handheld Depth Sounder

The most versatile handheld sonar system ever produced! Not only will this this portable depth finder give you instant depth readings, from 2.5' to 300' (0.7 - 91.5M), in 1/10th precision, but at the press of a button the display will give real time temperature (water or air) and fish readings. The LCD display is backlit for nighttime viewing and the unit is waterproof to 150' (50M)!


  • Waterproof
  • Depth reading from 2.5' to 300' (0.7-91.5M)
  • Real time temperature and fish readings
  • Backlit for nighttime viewing
  • Requires (1) 9V battery (not included)
  • Free access to our online support

TO USE:  Place the transducer side of the unit in the water.  Slide the activation button, and instant depth, fish and temperature readings will be diplayed on the LCD.

INCLUDES: Handheld Sonar System, Wrist Strap, User's Guide.  Requires 1 '9V' Batteries (not included)


  • Shorelines & Docks: Aim the sonar from any shoreline: river banks, creek banks, pond banks, lake banks, etc.
  • Dock, Jetty, Pier: Use the Manual Mode to suspend the depth finder from docks, jetties and piers.
  • Float Tube, Kayak, Canoe: Use the Automatic or Manual Modes from float tubes, kayaks or canoes. Or set inside the hull and shoot through the hull for depth and fish readings.
  • Boat, Raft, Tender, Dingy: Use the Automatic or Manual Modes from boats, rafts, tenders and dingies. Or set inside the hull and shoot through the hull for depth readings.
  • PWC: A perfect primary depth finder for your PWC.
  • Ice Fishing: Shoot through the ice before drilling your hole to check the depth or see if there are fish. Suspend in the hole while fishing to keep on eye out for passing fish.